Author Topic: Technology to Allow Amputees to Feel with a Prosthetic Limb  (Read 294 times)

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Technology to Allow Amputees to Feel with a Prosthetic Limb
« on: February 24, 2015, 03:38:03 PM »
Pitt Team Developing Technology to Allow Amputees to Feel with Prosthetic Limb, Improving Its Function

Rehabilitation experts at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine hope to one day give people with an arm amputation a prosthetic limb that not only moves like a natural one, but "feels" like it, too. They expect such sensation will improve dexterous control of the device and give users greater intuition about what they are doing with their prosthetic.

With funding from [some groups] [a lot of smart people] will begin developing the technology with the aim of being able to test it in patients' homes within four years.

In the 18-month, first phase of the project, the team will recruit five volunteers to try to demonstrate that stimulation of the sensory portion of the spinal cord nerves, which would normally innervate the hand and forearm, can cause the amputee to feel distinct sensations of touch and joint movement in the "phantom" hand and wrist.

They also plan to insert fine-wire electrodes into the forearm muscles of able-bodied volunteers to collect and interpret muscle signals to guide movement of a virtual prosthetic hand to control hand opening and closing, as well as thumb movement. Eventually, the team aims to devise a fully implantable system for home use...

EDIT--I said "some groups," but maybe just one group... not sure...
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Re: Technology to Allow Amputees to Feel with a Prosthetic Limb
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That's nice.