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Future Of Orthodoxy In Holy Land
« on: June 04, 2005, 11:19:11 AM »
Looks like the future of  Orthodoxy in the Holy Land may depend upon the Russian Orthodox Chuch.  It seems that a lot of these Russian immigrants coming into Isreal are really catacomb Orthodox!  God works in mysrerious ways!



04 June 2005, 14:10 Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society plans to reactivate charitable activities in the Holy Land

Moscow. 4 June. INTERFAX - The Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society intends to participate in a government program to build two Russian schools on Palestinian lands.

"The Society intends to send teachers, textbooks, libraries, equipment", stated the society's secretary Igor Petrakov in an interview published on Saturday in the newspaper "Trud".

According to him, there are also plans to jointly establish hospitals; in the past month Russian language courses were opened in Bethlehem. Other plans under include starting educational institutions in the Jerusalem region under the aegis of the Society.

"We are assured that there would be more than enough applicants from the number of Russian-speaking Israelis and Palestinians - the children of mixed marriages", it said I.Petrakov.

The Imperial Palestinian Society is the oldest international non-government organization in the Holy Land. It was established by imperial edict in 1882. The brother of Aleksandr III, Grand Duke Sergey Alexandrovich, headed society. After his death, the society was headed by his widow, Grand Dutches Elizabeth Fedorovna, who accepted monasticism and was subsequently canonized.

Today the Society works closely with the Russian Orthodox Church and the Andrew, the First-Called Fund.


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