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Syriac Summer School

Learn the language of Jesus from its origin and keep it alive

An exciting interdisciplinary Programme for all students
17 July - 8 August 2005, 23 Days.

-Speak, Read, Write Syriac language/ form of Aramaic/, whose many
dialects have been in continuous use since the 11th century BC.
Originally the language of the Aramean people. Jesus and the
Apostles spoke and preached in Aramaic.

-Preserve old language that has quietly survived, even as war,
assimilation and time have almost silenced its speakers.
Nevertheless, Christians are united in learning Syriac language/
form of Aramaic/ -Discover through exciting and guided tours in the
old city of Aleppo; as well as the surroundings cities and villages,
the important historical civilization in Syria, the dead cities,
ruins of old churches and monasteries, and many significant fogotten
parts in the world, dating back to the early history of humankind.

For more informations:
Oh.. Morth Mariam Yoldath Aloho (Mother Of God)Pray For Us