Author Topic: How do you make sense of the Old Testament  (Read 10994 times)

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Re: How do you make sense of the Old Testament
« Reply #90 on: March 17, 2015, 01:16:01 PM »
I love the Old Testament--in fact, I love it more than I do the New Testament. I wish God would act more like He did in the Old Testament.

When I read the Old Testament, I see a God who wasn't afraid to interact, uphold justice, and actually do something about all the misery, evil, and suffering in this world.

If you were bad and did something wrong, God smote your butt. God didn't hesitate to punish the evil, uphold the cause of the just, and intervene in this fallen world.

But then comes Jesus Christ and while all that mercy and compassion stuff sounds nice at first, it's really appalling in the long run.

I don't want a passive God. I don't want a God who idly sits back, allows evil to prosper, orders us to suffer as lambs to the slaughter, and does absolutely nothing about the fallen state of our world apart from making vague promises of a future reward.

I miss God's demeanor in the Old Testament. I miss the Old Testament God who acted.
I also look at people with a surprise when they say God is love. Yes He is,indeed LOVE. But He can also be angry at us for our disobedience and those who sin against Him will be punished.

 I think nowadays some Christian denominations (mainly Protestants) are mixed up with the current lefty,liberal way of life in the West where Churches have to appease everyone in the Society to move along with the times of gender equality, gay marriages, women bishops, Islamic prayers in the Church regardless whether what they do is Biblical or not. Hey, this is a fast changing society and we,Christians, need to change with it. Well, I say NO to that. I think people don't realise that we need to please God not the society, for a simple reason the society is sinful, God is not.

To me Old Testament shows that God can be love,forgiving,kind but also angry and upset at our disobedience and not following His commandments. Im reading the O.T. now and it really is important for all Christians to read it because you get to know God better and what He can do for people's disobedience whether in this life or the next.

Who we serve God or society? I know my answer.
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