Author Topic: Remember your Non-Orthodox AND Orthodox Dead on American Memorial Day  (Read 2570 times)

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If you were born and raised in the South as I have been, you may remember today by several names---Veteran's Decoration Day, Memorial Day, or just simply decoration day.  For those of you not lucky enough to have been born in the south in simple terms, this is the date that Americans go to the cemetary to visited their loved ones who have reposed.  American flags are placed on the graves of those who fought for the US and in my area small Confederate flags are placed on those who were confederate soldiers.  On the  graves of those who did not serve in the military fresh flowers and more recently silk arrangements are placed on the graves.

As Orthodox converts, we are often faced with  the delimma of how to we commemorate our loved ones who have reposed but were blessed to be a member of the Orthodox Church, for the most part probably out of ignorance---they never heard about it. We can not offer Kolliva or have the memorial services performed for them yet we know that our prayers are important for them.

Father Seraphim Rose of blessed memory  includes a prayer in his book Life after Death, in which we ask God to forgive us if we ask him to bless our loved one who reposed out if the church.  That prayer of course may be used. However recently, ROCOR published a book of Akathists which has a very good akathist for those who have reposed.  When I first read it, it dawned upon me that it was a supplicatory canon for someone who died not in the Orthodox Church, indeed it mentions this very situation in the eleventh canon of the Akathist.  This was followed by His Grace Bishop Basil  of Wichita and Mid America commending it to our parish members who wished to pray for our non-orthodox dead.

If you can get this akathist, it would be an excellent way to observe the Memorial Day Holiday.

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I'll most likely spend my Memorial Day in Remembrance of all the innocent Iraqi, Palestinian, Nicaraguan, Lebanese, Somalian, Afghani, Vietnamese, Korean, Grenadine, and Japanese children we have wantonly slaughtered and the countless others we have vicariously murdered through the Fascist puppet governments we have installed or imposed.
 Post was in bad taste. This isn't a political sounding board, but a forum for discussion of Orthodoxy and associated issues.
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how blatantly anti-american of you.

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The way I'm spending my memorial day will be some BBQ along with sitting back and watching Team America World Police.... ;D Ohh, lots of drinking and cigar smoking also.  O0
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Well, idontlikenames, has a point about American imperialism, but its a moot point for us Canadians. All I can say is my grandfather fought in WWII (RCAF), my great-grandfather in WWI (Royal Canadian Expeditionary Force), and another relative at the Battle of Trafalgar.

To quote the centoaph in Vancouver:

"To the Glory of God, and in thankful remembrance
of those who served their King and Country overseas
in the cause of truth, righteousness and freedom."

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how blatantly anti-american of you.

Hey, it ain't the troops' fault they got crappy orders...I always say that I support our troops; it's our policies I question. 

I think it is appropriate to say that one of the tragedies of Memorial Day is the fact that many of America's Fallen have done just that for ultimately avoidable causes.  How much more, then, should they be honored for laying down their lives in service to their country, even when, as a military force, they were misused?

May the fallen soldiers of the U.S.A. rest in peace, may their memories be eternal, and may God grant wisdom to future administrations only to use the blessing that is our military for causes that are justly provoked.
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I am locking this topic due to the political turn it took.

I can't go away for one day can I?

Before you go to bed tonight say a prayer for all those who have died before us.