Author Topic: Is Hanukkah prophetic of The Lord's Day?  (Read 1290 times)

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Is Hanukkah prophetic of The Lord's Day?
« on: October 28, 2014, 02:55:30 AM »
Hanukkah and the 8th Day. Maccabees is part of the Near-Canon Deutero-Canon section of scripture. The eight days that a single candle became a light in the temple under siege is considered a symbolic miracle. After eight days one is circumcised. The Lord's Day, the Spiritual 8th Day is when one is circumcised between the last day and the first day as a new creation. This idea goes back to the earliest days of the Church. Christ honored the "Feast of Dedications." Is there a possible connection between the Miracle of Hanukkah as being prophetic of the Spiritual 8th Day? Hanukkah is very unique among the Jewish Feast days. It is not one of those early established Sabbath feasts in which ultimately find their prophetic rest and fulfillment in Christ....but Hanukkah is a feast of a day to day miracle which stands out as an anomaly among the Jewish feasts.... There are also Seven biblical feasts......Hanukkah is an 8th.....intriguing....You have this pre-Christ miracle in the temple which keeps a light in the Darkness....December is the historic time for Hanukkah, too....Following Hanukkah, in the same month, we celebrate the Birth of Christ. The true temple. Three days after the darkness of the the Solstice when the light begins to return. The resurrection, and the birth to be reflected on all at once.....That is A LOT to reflect on within a single month with the right mind....

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Re: Is Hanukkah prophetic of The Lord's Day?
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2017, 07:18:04 PM »
What you are saying makes sense. I would be curious to know if any church fathers picked up on this.

IMO the early Christians often saw connections to Jesus where the connection was not explicit. I would consider the snake on the staff in the desert and the story of Jonah to be non-explicit references considered by Christians to refer to Jesus.

The only time I know of that Hanukkah is referred to in the New Testament directly is the time when Jesus is walking in the Temple in the month of Kislev toward the beginning of one of the gospels.

I also know that Orthodox churches use menorahs, and the menorah was the subject of the Hanukkah story.

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Re: Is Hanukkah prophetic of The Lord's Day?
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2017, 07:28:21 PM »
Just like the reign of Righteous David is a symbol/harbinger (I don't know a better word in English) of the reign of Christ, the reign of Antiochus IV was a symbol of the reign of the Antichrist. I never tried to see the Hanukkah through this lens, but it kind of makes sense, comparing how it relates to Antiochus IV x how the Day of the Lord relates to the dominon of the Antichrist.
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