Author Topic: What do you believe Ezekiel's Temple represents?  (Read 515 times)

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What do you believe Ezekiel's Temple represents?
« on: October 25, 2014, 02:43:22 PM »
St. Gregory taught the Ezekiel's Temple is representative of the Body of Christ.  THis would make sense because Christ, himself taught that he was The Temple that we partake of in the Holy Eucharist.  Our bodies are also temples for the Holy Spirit.  When you read Ez. 40-48.  The Lord says, I AM their inheritance.  There is also this reoccurring theme of Sacrificial Atonement and worshiping towards the East. In the Gospel of Matthew (Largely for a Jewish audience) we see that the Magi are lead to Christ by the "'Star' in the East."  They came to give gifts and worship Christ.  In Hebrews 10, we know that Christ is the ultimate sacrifice for atonement.  ANimal sacrifices are no longer needed....but prayer and Thanksgiving.  Like John the Baptist came in the Spirit of Elijah, Christ is the perfect temple, and those who worship him do so in Spirit and in Truth.  His Kingdom is not of this World.  Theologically, this is very sound....but does this stop a literal temple with symbolic structure from being built and that it is Godly?  Some dispensationalist believe this to be the "Millennial Temple" where Christ will dwell physically on Earth for a thousand years before Satan is loosened again, defeated, and followed by the Final Judgment.  They also believe in the continuation of Jewish Feasts and the return of the Levitical Priesthood which includes sacrifice....this sounds absurd to a sane person, but they will say that it is a memorial for those who do not understand the necessity of salvation in the "Millennial Kingdom" when nearly all prophecy has been fulfilled....and they base a lot of it on  a literal interpretation of this elaborate temple Ezekiel describes.