Author Topic: What's the Greatest Sigh of Relief You've Had Since Becoming Orthodox?  (Read 670 times)

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Most of us Orthodox converts wouldn't have converted to Orthodoxy if it didn't relieve us of some trouble or burden from our previous faith affiliation (or lack of). And while I know that most of us would like to believe that we converted solely for truth's sake, I think if we're honest with ourselves we'd admit that being relieved of some burden or problem from our previous faith played at least some part in our conversion. And that is what I would like to discuss: What sighs of relief have you experienced since becoming Orthodox?

For myself, I'd say the greatest sigh of relief I've breathed since becoming Orthodox is not having to adhere to an unscientific fairy-tale (not that I'm detracting from fairy-tales; I love them) view that the Earth is only 6,000-10,000 years old, evolution is entirely false, and the Big Bang never happened. Due to the intellectual liberty Orthodoxy gave me, I can believe in these things, accept science, and pursue my interest in human evolution and anthropology. Maybe it sounds like I'm exaggerating, but I'm sure most American Protestants and former ones will know what I'm talking about when I say how serious these issues are in Protestantism; believing in evolution, an old Earth, and the scientific consensus is akin to denying the Trinity. If you believe in this stuff, you have to keep it a secret or else you'll be painting a huge bulls-eye on your forehead and the reaction you'll get from people for "coming out" is akin to the reaction you'd get in Orthodoxy if you said that you deny the Trinity or want to become a Mason and a Satanist.

Thanks to Orthodoxy I no longer have to hide the science books and change the documentaries; I no longer have to watch what I say around my peers as it relates to evolution, humans and animals, or the age of something. Being Protestant, even saying "millions of years ago" when referring to dinosaurs in a casual conversation can seriously backfire; I no longer have to worry about this anymore.

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Re: What's the Greatest Sigh of Relief You've Had Since Becoming Orthodox?
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My relief would be that I needn't have to believe in babies being in Hell.

But perhaps my greatest relief is the fact that Orthodoxy explains and shows the Goodness and Mercy of God and makes sense of Scripture in a far much better manner than Catholicism and Protestantism could've ever done. The Fall itself suddenly made much more sense as with the Incarnation and Crucifixion. No longer do I have to hold to Anselm's Substitutory Atonement as an Orthodox or to be more accurate, a soon to be...hopefully.

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