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Offiicial Announcement
« on: May 12, 2005, 09:13:35 PM »
into this site
(The site doesn't seem to be working at the moment, but I'm attaching what I downloaded earlier. It's a pdf file.)
You'll find this from the OCA's Diocese of Alaska (January 2002) :

The so called parish/mission of St. James the Just is not part of the OCA nor is it a parish in communion with the Russian Orthodox Diocese of Alaska of the Orthodox Church in America. The priest serving there is a suspended priest from our OCA parish of Three Saints in Old Harbor. He has left the OCA and was subsequently suspended from the Holy Priesthood. The faithful of the Russian Orthodox Diocese of Alaska are warned that they should neither attend services at the so-called St. James the Just parish nor receive sacraments from the suspended Priest Kenneth Enoch Bracy.

<<My intention was not to "air" the details, but rather to enlighten
unsuspecting others that this man, who has been twice suspended (OCA and ROCOR),
at least once deposed (OCA; not sure of the outcome of ROCOR) and thus found
unworthy of being a priest, that
he was still trying to serve as a priest.>>

Actually, the 2004 OCA Yearbook indicates the Fr. Kenneth Bracy was
"removed" on April 3, 2003, having previously been suspended. "Removed" is a

separate category between suspended and deposed in this yearbook. Does anyone
know the significance of a priest being "removed" rather than deposed?

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