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Who Knew?
« on: September 09, 2014, 08:40:35 PM »
A Genetic Jigsaw: Single-Celled Organism Breaks Up Its Genome And Rearranges DNA Pieces

You may think of unicellular organisms as the simpletons of life on Earth, but Oxytricha trifallax is a prime example of just how remarkably complex single life can be.  This unassuming microorganism performs genetic gymnastics during development, unravelling its jigsaw genome and rearranging some quarter-million pieces of DNA. What’s more, it manages the whole process in just 60 hours...

Offspring spawn from a single organism, so rather than using sex to reproduce, O. trifallax cells do the deed solely to swap genetic material between one another. This allows them to trade in aging genes for new ones, diversifying their genome. “It’s kind of like science fiction—they stop aging by trading in their old parts,” Landweber said in a news release.

With the assistance of RNA molecules, the organisms then chop out “junk” DNA sequences in the germline nucleus that don’t encode proteins and rearrange the remaining pieces, some 225,000 segments, into functional genes. The end result is a new, somatic (working) genome that is passed on to offspring...

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Re: Who Knew?
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A single cell organism that acts like a virus. 

How beautiful is THAT?!

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