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Hristos a-nviat!

I found the following link to a discussion held by Fr. Andrew at Felixstowe Orthodox Church on his website. He was talking with several of his parishioners, from various jurisidictions, over Pascha this year and I think the discussion brought up some very good points, particularly on Orthodox unity and the problems of Orthodox parishes in the west:

Let me know what you think. Personally, I wish we could all act more like Fr. Andrew's parishioners here, rather than following Fr. Andrew's (accurately observed, I'd say) impression of the weakness of the Romanians - arguing over pointless trivialities. I also like his observation on the English, our problem being that we have 'tea in our veins'. Obviously, this is figurative - but thank goodness I prefer coffee!

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Re: Interesting discussion from which we could all probably benefit
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Wonderful discussion
Thanks for posting it