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Of all the cities hosting World Cup games, mine is going to host the first matches with Russia and guess who's coming to town...

And a couple of interesting facts...

As of 1994, 400,000 people of Ukrainian descent lived in Brazil, 80% (or approximately 350,000) of whom lived in a compact region approximately 1,930 square miles (5,000 km2) in size (an area slightly larger than the US state of Rhode Island), in the hilly south central part of State of Paraná in southern Brazil (Fabio's note: that's here! :D ). They refer to this region as "Brazilian Ukraine." Smaller numbers of Ukrainians have settled in São Paulo, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul, Pernambuco, and Paraiba. The cities with the largest number of Ukrainians are Prudentópolis (approximately 38,000 Ukrainians, or 75% of the city's population), Curitiba (33,000 Ukrainians), and União da Vitória (approximately 26,400 Ukrainians or 50% of the city's population). In 2009 the Ukrainian population in Brazil was estimated to be 500,000 people.

Brazil has the third largest Ukrainian community in the Americas, and the third largest Ukrainian population outside of the former Soviet Union; only Canada and the United States have larger Ukrainian populations.

And most with ties to Western Ukraine. And this city is the seat of the South-American Ukrainian Orthodox Archdiocese.

I really don't know if things will get funny, but I did hear from a person who said that he heard it (yeah, I know... :) ) that local Ukrainians are planning to protest and people from other towns would be planning to come.

Original in Portuguese:


At least 14 chiefs of State, among presidents, prime-ministers and chancelers have already confirmed to the Brazilian government that they are comming for the World Cup. Among others who will come to Brazil are Angela Merkel from Germany, Xi Jinping from China, Jacob Zuma from South Africa, Michelle Bachelet from Chile; José Mujica from Uruguay, Enrique Peña Nieto from Mexico and Cristina Kirchner from Argentina.

It has also been confirmed the presence of the chiefs of State from countries whose teams will play in Curitiba: Vladimir Putin from Russia, Rafael Correa from Equator, Hassan Rohani from Iran, Goodluck Jonathan from Nigeria and king Juan Carlos from Spain.

"It is an honour for the government of Paraná to receive the delegations of the Chief of States, mainly because we are prepared with a well trained reception operation, that includes volunteers, security, and medical teams", said the general-coordinator of the World Cup in Paraná, Mario Celso Cunha.

Representatives of the diplomatic body of the countries that will play the World Cup in the Arena, in Curitiba, have already visited the city, including ambassadors from Iran, Nigeria, Australia, Spain and Argelia, besides representatives from the teams of Russia, Equator and Honduras. The city has been visited also by the main TV and radio stations and newspapers from various countries that will take part in the World Cup in Brazil, including the eight countries that will play in the Arena da Baixada.

Matches in CURITIBA

June 16th (Monday) - 4:00pm - IRAN x NIGERIA

June 20th (Friday) - 7:00pm - HONDURAS x EQUATOR

June 23rd (Monday) - 1:00pm - AUSTRALIA x SPAIN

June 26th (Thursday) - 5:00  - ARGELIA x RUSSIA
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