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Brothers !! This will be a side only for us who bellive that orthodox canons should be followed.

 The last days I have find out that things or so bad that our modern orthodox brothers are so blind that they cann't see that Orthodoxy is a free religion and that everybody are free to live or join without human punishments.
 We cann't blame them because probable it is we that have failled to give them the mission of love.

As you have understand they have the pnevma of anti-christ , where the one that don't follow their leaders should be eliminated from their way. Of course they all speak of love, but that's what all hunters have done the last 2000 years, even the latins hunted and killed for the love to Christ. And even the latins could say that they don't have to follow the canons, maybe the latins had they same arguments as modern-orthodox have today , when they where killing and confiscating land.

What I am asking for is that everybody in this forum that bellive in the orthodoxy at the same way as they did before the ecumenical movments please contact me, so we can form a group. A group wich only purpose will be to spread love and remign that orthodoxy has laws,to spread true othodox love, and fight every anti-christ thougts .

In Christ
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