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Naivety will not save us
« on: May 20, 2014, 03:25:55 PM »
This article was written originally in Portuguese discussing local politics. I edited out the specifics because I think the more generic statements related to the title apply everywhere and to several current global issues.

Naivety will not save us
Eguinaldo Hélio de Souza, May 19th, 2014

In 1939, Hermann Rausching published his book "Hitler Speaks", where his conversations with the führer revealed plans so diabolical that most refused to believe. It seemed impossible that a ruler would have such plans. The following years would prove the reality of the work. Most of the plans drafted in the 1939 book are today history.

Most times, good people refuse to believe in evil, mainly when it is far too big. It is easier to think good of the enemy, because thinking the worst can scare us and there are always other charitable voices echoing us, painting the evil intentions of the perverted with innocent words.

Nevertheless, naivety will not save us.


That is the danger of having our Christian values of good turn into political naivety, or when we become simple like doves and prudent like lambs going to the slaughterhouse. It has never worked and never will to deliberately ignore evil that approaches us or to make alliance with it hoping that its fangs and claws will not touch us.


There are those who insist on calling evil good, who insist on passively and naively waiting for the best, even with the hounds of hell barking at their doors and climbing the walls of their castles. They believe that closing the eyes will make them disappear, as if self-imposed innocence could exorcise demons.

We tend to doubt the possibility of totalitarian evil. We prefer to believe that great ideals and ideas, and that great thinkers are always seeking the greater good of humanity, when actually they are struggling for more and more power, without care for how much blood is shed. We were led to believe that socialism is an innocent ideology and the millions of martyrs and people murdered in the 20th century are just historical accidents when actually they are the innevitable results of its assumptions. We naively believe that our good intentions are universal and we are willing to trust anyone who claims to be seeking the greater good, even when their actions say the opposite.

But, the mere stating of good intentions does not guarantee good intentions. It just serves to hide the bad ones. Evil has no ties with truth, just with itself.

Certainly, naivety will not save us.
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