Author Topic: The Rescue of East Slovak Jews by Orthodox and Greek Catholic Priests  (Read 477 times)

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Given the upsetting news this week regarding a white supremacist group of young people in the midwest attempting to hijack Orthodoxy for their nefarious purposes, I wanted to share with you this article, in PDF format, about the courageous and honorable behavior of many of the Orthodox as well as the Greek Catholic clergy of the Ruthenian/Rusyns of what is now East Slovakia prior to and during the second world war. This is what true Orthodox and Roman Catholic witness is supposed to be about. (Not all Greek Catholics of that region are as characterized recently regarding the great war and the behavior of their clergy and laity.)  The interview with the Orthodox priest of Osadne, Father Peter Soroka (a priestly family familiar to many in the OCA and ACROD today in America) is particularly on point. My father was present in Svetlice, formerly Vilag, in Slovakia in the 1990's when the heroic Orthodox monk-priest, Father Vasily Ptashuk, was honored by the Israeli consulate and the Slovak government in 1996 for his heroism and aid to the Jewish residents of his region and to the Resistence. Some converts need to learn a little history, it seems.

Others from Eastern Europe and Greece should likewise post stories and articles regarding the heroism of their churches and families in the Great War against Fascism, lest the sacrifices of the many for the protection of the few be forgotten in the midst of the hot air circulated in recent days.
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