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Home Church
« on: March 09, 2014, 11:21:28 PM »
Currently I am reading "Family and marriage -Home Church" by fr. Gleb I was wondering if we could hve a sticky tipic or would have the list of all books published in English (it is given that hey have to be from an Orthodox standpoint)  that deal from dating period into family life. Some books will discuss the whole critical period and be generic in nature while others night be more specific. In any case, as long as they deal with family opics and that which leads to it , should be listed there. Second sticky topic could contain material if above mentioned nature that can be freely accessed online either as text, audio or video presentation including youtube. :)

If such idea was already presented and such links provided, please forgive and show me those links.

Happy Lent to all and Happy Sunday of Orthodoxy!