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God will not return until we admit that we cannot love him just as he cannot love us.

That would kill our free will.

If we collectively admitted that truth, we could create the end times and elect a new God the way Jesus did via reinterpretation of the law.

St. James said that faith must be shown by works and deeds to be true faith.

I say that those same conditions apply to love. Love must be shown by works and deeds to be true love. Love must be expressed this way from both parties as reciprocity is a sign of love and is also a high moral tenet. Love to be a true love must be shown somehow and God cannot ruin man’s free will by doing so.

Do you agree?

Part two.

We all have a system of governance that we follow be we believer or atheist. Believers will name their system God non-believers will be (name of political party). We all give the mental tag or name of (Ideal) to whatever God or political system we all follow.

In terms of moral leadership, even atheists and the weirdest fundamental will have an Ideal in governance that he will follow. We all love our Gods as an Ideal. So to speak. 

If the bible and St. James are correct, not only is it impossible for God to love us, --- it also means that none of us can have a reciprocal relationship with our various beloved Gods, and that means we cannot ever truly love God.

Do you agree?

If you agreed, then what are we all going to do about that truth? Are we ready to stop living the lie that we can have a relationship with a God who cannot ever do so?

If so, should we elect a new and real live God figurehead to love? That is what Jesus said would happen.

I will have to choose the honest route and admit that this clip is speaking truth and that God has broken his covenant with man and all the Abrahamic based religions. He did so because he had no choice.

Jesus knew this and that is why he took the right hand of God. He was to be God’s last taste of sacrificial blood sacrifice. This is how Final Judgement is returned to men and women.
All we need do is step up and take it as Jesus did.

Are you ready for this? Romans 8:29 For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.

Are you ready to name your God, --- “I am”, and mean yourself?

If so, and a large enough number are, then world peace and prosperity is at hand. More importantly, --- we all gain the personal relationship we crave with God. All you need do is choose now as the end time, do the deeds and works required to unify the rest of the elect, and you are there and so would be God.


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^ Rubbish.

Christ will return at a time when we least expect ... or perhaps when His enemies least expect.

Those of us who persevere in faith, hope, and love, eagerly await His Second Coming.

It is said that those of us who persevere in faith, hope, and love, might not accomplish much, but that we will be considered the greatest of saints because we will have to have a very strong faith in order to persevere.
The memory of God should be treasured in our hearts like the precious pearl mentioned in the Holy Gospel. Our life's goal should be to nurture and contemplate God always within, and never let it depart, for this steadfastness will drive demons away from us. - Paraphrased from St. Philotheus of Sinai
Writings from the Philokalia: On Prayer of the Heart,
Translated from the Russian by E. Kadloubovksy and G.E.H. Palmer, Faber and Faber, London, Boston, 1992 printing.

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I'm sorry, but every time I look at my children and my wife, I see God's handwork and love.

When I'm outside in nature in those quiet moments on the farm, I feel god's love all around.  We have MULTIPLE goats about to kid very soon, and each and every time you see God's love even with sleepless nights.   I have a tub full full of baby chicks right now that were hatched in the last two weeks.  All peeping and ready to work in the symbiotic way that god made them - naturally.

When my sons run to me with some firecrackers (like they just did) both grinning wanting to pop them, I see God's handwork...

When I see a chicken that God created that:
1) Eats the bugs & pests
2) Kills mice
3) Eats fire ant mounds away
4) Aerates the grass (by scratching)
5) Fertilizes the grass (chicken poo)
6) Mows the grass (Clips it perfectly)
7) Picks parasites out of cow & goat droppings and other animal waste (healthy for the bird and rids parasites) while spreading around the droppings for fertilization.
9) Gives meat
10) Reproduces easily

How dare the gnostics for thinking God is so cruel.  His creation is wonderful.

Goats - they eat many things naturally in nature, reproduce easily, and give healthy raw milk that can be made also into raw organic butter, raw organic cheese, cream cheese, kefir, etc.  Plus you can eat their meat, and use the ash from the wood fire (for lye) that you cooked the meat over combined with their fat to make soap.

Gnostics "gnosis" is blindness and darkness.

Read Psalm 107 - KJV
O' Give thanks unto the lord for he is good:

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How dare the gnostics for thinking God is so cruel.  His creation is wonderful.

Ok Wow.

That was a great post. Yeshua GETS IT.

Yeshua above has what I have. He has 100% faith. Or better yet, he just KNOWS in God our creator. He's fully submitted 100% to God and its changed his outlook on life.

And do you guys know why he's in that pleace his faith? Because he's done his responsibilities as a Christian and seeked out answers of the truth instead of looking into himself for answers or some other idol.

While we love Jesus no doubt, in recent times he's been WAY over focused by the evangelical community to a point that loses the message of God the Father and his will for us. This violates noah commandment 1, and the first commandment.

Only the truth will set you free. God our creator (i call him Ashem) is the truth. Our creator.

To truly submit to God our creator, you have to to seek out truths. At first It's really scary to find out that this stuff is actually true, but the more deep you look into it, the more you begin to see things are actually true and feasable. I couldnt believe the archialogical digs that have been uncovered the past 2 years. The dead sea scrolls proving Isaiah word for word accurate translation.

I feel so blessed to know the truth. I spent YEARS on my own looking for answers. I never thought I'd find it in God but it really is the scientific truth of the universe and our lives. How people can be so blinded when there is so much proof right infront of them is simply beyond me.

I personally feel liberation comes through God the creator though. The story of his son Jesus is beside the point until you acknowlege Noahide commandment 1, and the first commandment. You need to know who Ashem is. He'll change you life when you FULLY submit to him. Most wont be able to do this until you put your false idols (science nonsence) to rest and see the opposite side to their teachings.

Then you can see why he sent his son and what that means for us. His son left and 2 billion people later...hand of God at work. Non of us would be here right now if it wasnt for him. Thanks God and praise for all that he has created for us. Thats how we love Ashem.
The above post is intended for discussion purposes and is comprised of my personal opinion.