Author Topic: Position of the Moscow Patriarchate on the problem of primacy  (Read 8289 times)

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Re: Position of the Moscow Patriarchate on the problem of primacy
« Reply #45 on: January 07, 2014, 08:29:02 PM »
The Orthodox Bold and the Beautiful. This is riduculous.

Things were much worse in the 5th century. Compared to then, this is the Brady Bunch.

yes, such as iconoclast patriarch of constantinople, switching sides saying he is an icondule, then switching again to say he is an iconoclast

and then beheaded

That was a couple centuries later. And I don't recall beheading, but it would've been a nice rhetorical flourish.

yes i was not talking about 5th century, just "worse things" :)

and i am certain one was beheaded... i will find it ;)

oh here it is, but i got the story way wrong, but still, beheaded

things like this make our modern controversies sound like nothing!

If he plotted against Constantine V, he can't be that bad. Constantine V was a nasty little man.
Was that Constantine the Pooper?

Yes. The Wiki article doesn't even go into his other colorful aspects.
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