Author Topic: What the Tories could learn from St Mellitus [Church of England]  (Read 824 times)

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What the Tories could learn from St Mellitus [Church of England]
« on: December 11, 2013, 10:02:49 AM »
But although the Earl’s Court church is still called St Jude’s, what goes on inside it has the name of a different saint. It is called St Mellitus College – Mellitus being the first bishop of London – and it is heaving with youthful activity. What is happening there  [-- the first wholly non-residential theological college --] is the very opposite of a lost cause. It may be the future of the Church of England.
The idea – which, like most “new” things, is actually extremely old – is to train would-be priests in theology while at the same time making them work in parish churches. The study is academically rigorous – Hebrew, Greek and all that – but always balanced by ministering to actual people. It is the godly version of learning clinical medicine scientifically while also treating patients.
Why this success? Partly, it is a simple matter of commitment. One of the difficulties for the liberal wing of the Church of England is that it has a natural tendency to weaken itself: if you are highly sceptical about traditional religious formulations, you are much less likely to devote yourself to a clerical career. At St Mellitus, the students feel no such postmodern angst. They have an unironical approach to their life and work.
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Re: What the Tories could learn from St Mellitus [Church of England]
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Bully for them.

When I was studying religion at a Christian college intending to train ministers, the most obnoxious students were the ones who had heads full of divinity school knowledge but no connection to any kind of ministry.
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