Author Topic: Adventists Assess Why 1 in 3 Members Leave the Church  (Read 631 times)

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Adventists Assess Why 1 in 3 Members Leave the Church
« on: December 10, 2013, 01:55:18 PM »
The Seventh-day Adventist Church (SDA) boasts 18 million members worldwide. But leaders recently revealed the denomination has lost one in three members over the last 50 years.

Additionally, for every 100 people the SDA gains, it loses 43 previous members, according to research presented at the denomination's first Summit on Nurture and Retention, reports Adventist News Network (ANN).

The main reason for the low rate of retention: personal problems and experiences, according to Adventist researcher Monte Sahlin. People do not drop out based on the church or its doctrines, but because of personal trouble like marital conflict or unemployment, he told ANN.
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Re: Adventists Assess Why 1 in 3 Members Leave the Church
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