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Troparion and Kontakion of the day
« on: November 26, 2013, 09:00:01 AM »
New Calendar- November 26
Troparion of St Stylian - The 3rd Tone

Holy Stylian, thou wast a tower of abstinence/ and an unshaken pillar of the Church./ Dedicated to God from thy youth,/ thou didst become a dwelling-place of the Spirit./ O righteous Father, intercede with Christ our God to grant us His great mercy.

Troparion of St Nikon - The 3rd Tone

Sparta rejoices in holding the shrine of thy relics,/ a source of healing for those who run to thee./ Holy Nikon, intercede with Christ our God to grant us His great mercy.

Kontakion of St Stylian - The 4th Tone

Sanctified from the womb like another Samuel,/ thou didst glorify God by thy labours./ Thou didst become a healer/ and protector of Christ's babes and sucklings./ He has glorified thee, O Stylian.

Kontakion of St Nikon - The 6th Tone/Plagal of the Second

Thou didst despise the world's delights,/ thou didst show us the path of repentance, emulating the Angelic life./ O Nikon, we praise thee and celebrate thy memory;/ thou art a fountain of healing.

Old Calendar- November 13

Troparion of St John Chrysostom - The 8th Tone/Plagal of the Fourth

Grace like a flame shining forth from thy mouth has illumined the universe,/ and disclosed to the world treasures of poverty and shown us the height of humility./ And as by thine own words thou teachest us, Father John Chrysostom,/ so intercede with the Word, Christ our God, to save our souls.

Troparion of St Denick - The 1st Tone

Inspired by the virtuous example/ of our Fathers Columba and Machar,/ O Hierarch Denick, thou didst preach among the heathens of Caithness/ enduring great hardships, despite old age and infirmity./ Wherefore, O Saint, pray that worthless and useless as we are,/ Christ our God will grant us great mercy.

Kontakion of St John Chrysostom

Thou hast received divine grace from heaven,/ and with thy lips thou dost teach all men to adore the one God in Three Persons./ O John Chrysostom, most blessed Saint,/ we rightly praise thee;/ for thou art our teacher, revealing things divine
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