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Author Topic: Orthodox hymns in Arabic (with vocalisation)  (Read 359 times) Average Rating: 0
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« on: November 10, 2013, 04:19:44 PM »

As you know, I've been studying Arabic at University, but I'm very beginner. There are many Orthodox hymns in Arabic available in the Internet, but the problem is that they don't have vocalisation (or very little). If I know the word, it's fine but most of words of course I don't know. I'd like to practice Arabic by reading aloud the hymns Grin (I have problems with some sounds and, most of all, to linking the words in Arabic manner) but it's also for anybody that just know how to read the letters and would like to try him/herself.

So my first question is do you know any websites that have the hymns and prayers with full vocalisation? I've manager to find only some Coptic ones.

The second request is - as I know some of you know the language - to check if I've done the vocalisation in the correct way (I know that there are no some sings in some places but I think some of them are obvious):

المَسّيحُ وُلِدَ فَمَجِدوه.
المَسّيحُ أتى مِن السَمّاوات فاسْتِقْبِلوه.
المَسّيحُ عَلى الأرِض فارفَعوه.
رَتّلي لِلرَبِ أيُّتها الأرض كُلُّها
وَيا شُعوب سَبِّحوهُ بابْتِهاج
لأنه قَد تَمَجَد


اليَومُ يَومُ القِيامَة
 فَسْبيلانا أن نَتْلألأ أيُها الشَعوب
 لأن الفِصْحُ هو فِصْحُ الرَب
 وَذَلِك لأن المَسّيح إلهَنا
 قَد أجازْنا مِن المْوَت إلى الحَياة
 وَمِن إلى الأرْض إلى السَماء نَحْنُ المُنْشِدين نَشيد النَصْر وَالظْفَر

They're one of my favourite hymns, that's why I've chosen them to try do the vocalisation.

Also if you have any hymns/prayers (both EO & OO) in Arabic with vocalisation just put it here.

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