Author Topic: What Qualifies as Liturgy?  (Read 3052 times)

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Re: What Qualifies as Liturgy?
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The wine is consecrated when the presanctified bread and wine and dropped into it before Communion.

IIRC, consecrated wine is being poured on Lamb on Sunday. There is no consecration during the Presanctified.

There is no anaphora. However,  the wine in the chalice is consecrated by being mixed with the consecrated wine on the piece of the lamb.  St Vladimir's Press published a book, which is in my office, I am home suffering from a kidney stone and do not have access to it here, which I believe is called Evening Worship or something like that which goes into detail explaining why the wine is consecrated by the mixture with the lamb and consecrated wine during that Presanctified Liturgy and arguing that the Russian practice is due to Latin influence from Peter Mogilia. The rubrics in the Antiochian Liturgikon state that the clergy receive Communion as usual including the priest, if he is serving without a deacon, or deacon who will consume the gifts after the Liturgy.

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