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Re: Early Church Fathers
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And when those who are conducted by the angels appointed unto the souls have passed through this gate, they do not proceed on one and the same way; but the righteous, being conducted in the light toward the right, and being hymned by the angels stationed at the place, are brought to a locality full of light. And there the righteous from the beginning dwell, not ruled by necessity, but enjoying always the contemplation of the blessings which are in their view, and delighting themselves with the expectation of others ever new, and deeming those ever better than these. And that place brings no toils to them. There, there is neither fierce heat, nor cold, nor thorn; but the face of the fathers and the righteous is seen to be always smiling, as they wait for the rest and eternal revival in heaven which succeed this location. And we call it by the name Abraham’s bosom.

But the unrighteous are dragged toward the left by angels who are ministers of punishment, and they go of their own accord no longer, but are dragged by force as prisoners. And the angels appointed over them send them along, reproaching them and threatening them with an eye of terror, forcing them down into the lower parts. And when they are brought there, those appointed to that service drag them on to the confines or hell. And those who are so near hear incessantly the agitation, and feel the hot smoke. And when that vision is so near, as they see the terrible and excessively glowing spectacle of the fire, they shudder in horror at the expectation of the future judgment, (as if they were) already feeling the power of their punishment. And again, where they see the place of the fathers and the righteous, they are also punished there. For a deep and vast abyss is set there in the midst, so that neither can any of the righteous in sympathy think to pass it, nor any of the unrighteous dare to cross it.

--St. Hippolytus of Rome (d. 235), Against Plato, On the Cause of the Universe
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Re: Early Church Fathers
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We acknowledge that when he created human nature, which is composed of immaterial soul and earthly body, he created it without sin--but it was not immutable--as Adam was in Paradise before transgressing the divine commandment; ...but having made it (endowed) with the authority of (free) will, he made it having the ability to perfect virtue through care and labor, with his help and grace; but it was not capable of sin--this (occurring) not as a result of nature forcing it, but whenever the will was negligent.

-- St. John II of Jerusalem (d. 417), Source