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Orthodox Fellowship of Penpal - Please Join Us!
« on: February 08, 2005, 08:52:07 AM »
Orthodox Fellowship of Penpal -
Is intended to facilitate the meeting of Orthodox Christian single adults for the purpose of penpal communications into order to reduce geographical and jurisdictional seperations between the faithful. The development of relationships made on OFPP is solely between members.

NOTE: Beyond the initial facilitated introductions OFPP take no responsibility for the development and direction of said relationships nor its consequences.

1. Membership is open to all Orthodox Christians regardless of jurisdiction or calendar observance.

2. All messages sent to OFPP group will be available for members only viewing.

3. All messages to the OFPP group are subject to moderator's approval. Therefore, remember you are an Orthodox Christian and write with the Love of Christ. No jurisdictional bashing.

4. If a member replies to a particular posting it will be sent only to the sender of the original message, not to the OFPP group. NO NOT USE "Reply to all"!