Author Topic: Venerating Saints & the Theotokos in time of need - why do I flip-flop so much?  (Read 2632 times)

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Silly question, let me elaborate.

Aside from Christ and the Theotokos, I venerate many Saints for their help. I have about 15 saints and their icons that I try to venerate daily. I start with Christ, then the Theotokos, then one by one each of my Saints.

However, I find that I cant always commit to venerating each Saint on a daily basis, only because it'll take hours. I find myself talking to Christ for 30 - 45 minutes sometimes, or just 2 minutes other days. Same thing with the Theotokos. So I decided to venerate a Saint every day. I stuck with that for a few months, then due to life and feeling tired etc, I went back to daily veneration of only Christ and Theotokos. But when one of my Saints' feast day comes, I'm reminded yet again why I need that Saint in my life that I just start venerating that Saint for weeks, months at a time.

What I'm trying to say is, every Saint I venerate has his/her special meaning in my life. I'm reminded why I need to venerate them. Why do I then 'move on' to the other Saint after a month or two? Am I not being faithful to them this way? I need them all, but I find myself moving on to the other Saint and then getting back to them after a few months. Is this right?

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Reading this reminds me of this story, and makes me feel like a spiritual "girly man".  :P

The saints don't get jealous and they don't forget us, especially when our love for them is known to them.  Pray as the Spirit leads you and don't worry too much about the rest.     
I think you can say ~ In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and post with charitable and prayerful intentions.

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It reminds me of the times I've tried to do all sorts of things, done ok for a while, and failed miserably. Reading oodles of chapters of the Bible each day, praying the cycle of services, etc. can sound nice, but it can actually be harmful. Multiple times my bestest priest has tried to drive home to me the point that spending 30 minutes a day devoted solely to God, consistently, is better than spending 2 hours one day, 1 hour the next, 2 minutes for the next three days, 3 hours the next, no time at all for two days, etc. etc. If I can repeat his own advice to me, which I think is spot on (despite my usual inability to follow it): do what you can, consistently, and then work from there. Build a foundation in cooperation with God, and then if you want to add something that takes 5 minutes here or there, then that's all well and good. But don't fall into a pattern of what amounts to spiritual gluttony, feasting beyond measure for a while and then falling into a dry or depressed or inactive period (and then, often enough, starting the cycle again). I hope none of this sounds like I'm judging, I'm mostly just going according to my own issues and what I have been told to do...

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To God and the saints we are like little children.
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Thanks to all. You've made very good sense to me and I better understand my problem. Falling to a pattern of spiritual gluttony is very easy to do, and now I've understood my ways. Thank you for pointing this out.
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Your story reminds me of when I first became Orthodox.  I kept collecting icons until my icon corner was jammed with them and it became unmanageable.  It's hard to pray to each saint when you have so many.  Now I have just three saints in the corner (others around the house), and my corner is much less cluttered looking and attractive.  I think a lot of people, when they enter a faith, be it Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, etc., start to become collectors of religious items and eventually it becomes overdone.  Do you have a particular saint you feel close to?  Christ, the Theotokos, and one or two saints who are especially dear to you might be what you need for your prayer corner.

Some of the saints that you might decide not to have in your prayer corner you could pray to on their feast days.
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