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Sinai's St. Catherine's Starves, Monastery Shuts Down

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ST. CATHERINE'S — In the Sinai city of St. Catherine, a few thousand people and around 800 camels have been left struggling since the first week of July, when Egyptian security authorities ordered the total shutdown of the town's 1,500-year-old monastery. Bedouin residents of the mountainous area were forced to sell their camels, which they cannot feed, to feed their families.

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Lord, have mercy.

Lord have mercy, that's one of the oldest and most important sites in Christendom. Hopefully, someone has the gall to protect it at least for it's historical value.

The article is sad as the business impact on the region has sustained the local economy for centuries. It seems though that the actual religious activities of the monks continue, albeit without tourists and guests. Let us pray that the "status quo ante" soon returns. Lord have mercy.

LORD have mercy!


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