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Origin of two Serbian hymns?
« on: August 28, 2013, 01:02:27 AM »
There are two Serbian hymns I've never heard before and the first I hear frequently in a Serbian parish in the US. I can't find any YouTube versions done by actual full church or monastery choirs in Serbia, and I'm wondering where these hymns come from since they seem unknown outside Serbia.

Spasi Boze

Spasi Boze ljude Tvoje, Spasi Gospodi,
Krstom Tvojim Ti nam, svetli Krstom na vodi:

Refrain: Krst je sila znamenje, Krst je Spasenje (repeat)

Spasi Boze ljude Tvoje, spasi Gospodi,
Da sa zivom verom sluze Tvom Krstu Casnom:

Spasi Boze i sve one sto su na vlasti,
Krstom Tvojim Ti ih cuvaj crne propasti:

Spasi Boze i sav narod sto Ti se moli,
Da sa Krstom svakoj muci brzo odoli:


O Boze Nas

O Boze Nas,
U tebe se svi uzdamo,
Jer mi Tvoju ljubav znamo,
Kojom sve nas pokrivas,
Boze nas, Boze nas.

O Gospod nas,
U svetlosti divnog raja,
Obitavas prepun sjaja,
Otud svetom upravljas,
Gospod nas, Gospod nas.

O Oce nas,
Tvoje sveto Ime samo,
Svi cemo da proslavljamo,
A Ti da nas pogledash,
Oce nas, O Oce nas.
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Re: Origin of two Serbian hymns?
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2013, 08:58:04 AM »
As every Orthodox nation, we have some paraliturgical hymns. The songs presented above are ones of them. Some such Serbian hymns were written by st. Nicholas Velimirović, while some of folk religious songs were reinterpreted of them, however these two songs as far I know are not present in Duhovna Lira complied by him.

To tell the true, I don't know this second song.
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