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For the early music fans among us
« on: January 21, 2016, 06:17:52 AM »
When the female vocal quartet Anonymous 4 retired last month, it left behind a discography spanning a thousand years of music. But the core of its repertory was medieval music in which, in plainchant passages, the four women’s voices seemed to melt together into one silky, unison line.

As it happens, the reviews the ensemble accumulated over the course of its 30-year career are also in near-unison. A sample: “Startlingly pure singing and virtually celestial blend.” “Their pure voices and blend create an atmosphere of angelic echoes.” “Ethereal, pure-tone singing.” “Distinctly pure, beautifully blended.”

The lexicon of praise for female singers of early music can be narrow, with purity a recurrent concept. Take Lorelei, a nine-member female vocal ensemble from Boston that made its New York debut this month, singing works by the 12th-century French composer Pérotin as well as contemporary music. The group’s marketing material is peppered with critical praise for its “phenomenal purity” and its “purest, most natural, unadorned unity of sound.” One reviewer, writing about a program of Marian liturgical music, likened the ensemble’s sound to the Virgin herself: “serenely pure, sweetly distant and ineluctably graceful.”
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Re: For the early music fans among us
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