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"OUTREACH & EVANGELISM: Some Practical Steps"

The  Department  of Outreach & Evangelism of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese
of  America  announces  the  release  of  a new booklet titled, "Outreach &
Evangelism:  Some  Practical  Steps", a guide to outreach and evangelism in
the  parish.  These practical steps are based upon the personal experiences
of parish priests and laypeople active in the ministries and administration
of  the parish, and draw upon the wealth of literature and research dealing
with  the  important  issues  and aspects of outreach and evangelism in our
parishes.  This booklet offers ideas for improving our outreach to inactive
Orthodox,   inquirers,   visitors,   non-Orthodox   spouses,   people  with
disabilities and more.

Fr.  James  Kordaris,  Director  of the Department of Outreach & Evangelism
stated,  "We hope that this booklet will be a tool for discussion in parish
councils,  local  Philoptochos chapters, outreach committees, and among all
concerned Orthodox Christians. We pray that these practical steps will lead
to  action in our parishes that will bring many more people to the fullness
of Truth in the Orthodox Christian Church."

To obtain copies of this booklet of practical steps, contact the Department
by   email   (,   telephone   (646/519-6160)   or   fax
(646/519-6166).  Price  is  $2  per  copy  including shipping and handling.
Numerous  additional  resources are available on the Department web site at

The  Archdiocesan  Department  of  Outreach & Evangelism was established by
Archbishop  Demetrios  of  America in January 2003 "?to bring the Gospel of
our  Lord  to all those within the boundaries of our Archdiocese of America
who  thirst  to  know  The Way, The Truth and The Life." The mission of the
Department  of  Outreach  & Evangelism is to revitalize the faith of active
Orthodox,  reach  out  to  inactive  Orthodox Christians, meet the needs of
those  inquiring  about the Orthodox faith, offer tools for parish renewal,
and offer guidance in the establishment of new parishes.

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Re: Department of Outreach & Evangelism of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese
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Cool beans.  Good to see steps are being taken.

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