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Christian activists target churches not in the fight



A conservative Christian group is protesting outside this megachurch because it doesn't preach against abortion, etc.   

--- Quote ---Jim Harrison, a co-founder of the Columbus-based Minutemen, said the demonstrations aren’t just about Vineyard but about encouraging “the corporate church in America” to “wake up” and work toward a society based on conservative Christian values.
--- End quote ---

(It's interesting they call it a "corporate church".  Never heard that before.......)

Oh dear, not sure this will achieve anything......

Yeah, I'm not sure about it either..... I just wonder what happens when Christianity gets really watered down at some of these megachurches,  do people just leave and go form their own churches in their own style, or do they try to influence their current churches?     And, how do you know when your church is a "corporate church"?

Good thing the Phanar is not in the US, it is safe!


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