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St. Serge may close due to severe financial crisis

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--- Quote from: ---Saint Sergius Orthodox Institute in Paris was on the verge of bankruptcy. The call for help came in early July on the official website of the institute.

The appeal, signed by the dean of the school Archpriest Nikolai Ozolin, it is noted that the institute, which is soon to celebrate the 90th anniversary of its founding, has gained popularity not only in the Orthodox, but also throughout the Christian world.At its source was a galaxy of famous Russian theologians who were expelled from their homeland in the early twenties of the last century...
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That would be a shame.


Wonder why the MP is not stepping up


--- Quote from: serb1389 on July 04, 2013, 01:21:47 PM ---Wonder why the MP is not stepping up

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It could probably end in a conflict with the EP.

I hope the stituation will get better. It would be sad if they had to close.


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