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Author Topic: Pre-Schism Marian Devotions  (Read 33 times) Average Rating: 0
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« on: Yesterday at 10:33:26 PM »

Dear brethren, I looked for this but couldn't find something clear, and I really hope my question does not upset anyone.

As you are aware RC's have many devotions to the Theotokos under different names, something I believe is shared by the Orthodox Churches.  To be concrete, those devotions of the West, pre-schism, could be considered as valid by the Orthodox Church?  In my concrete case, as a Spaniard I love the Theotokos and I have a special love for the Virgin of Covadonga, who is the Patron Virgin of Asturies where I'm from.  The devotion goes to around the 3rd or 4th Century and became stronger around 8th Century with the Reconquista.

I know that under any advocation, we are venerating the Theotokos, and as long as we do not fall into the errors that unfortunately the RC Church has fallen into, I believe it should not be a problem, however I want to share this question with the forum.  Further, I suppose the opinions might change with other advocations such as Fatima, the Miraculous Medal and Guadalupe.

God bless you all

Alveus Lacuna
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« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 10:57:58 PM »

Could you explain the story surrounding the beginning of the Virgin of Covadonga devotion and what practicing it looks like?
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From the Land of 10,000 Lakes

« Reply #2 on: Yesterday at 11:01:09 PM »

Well, I know for a fact that there are several Orthodox parishes named after Our Lady of Walsingham (an apparition dating to England, 1061). Some of them are Western Rite.

Whether 1061 is post-schism or not depends on whether you accept the idea that the English church was subjected to a "hostile takeover" in 1066 with King Harold's defeat (the battle commemorated in the famous Bayeux Tapestry).

Fatima would of course be problematic given the controversial comments about Russia, which some Orthodox interpret as a call to convert Russia to Catholicism specifically (I. e., away from Orthodoxy, although the comments are vague enough that they could also be interpreted as a reference to generic Christianity and Soviet atheism instead).

The Miraculous Medal has "Sacred Heart" imagery on it, which is also considered problematic within Orthodoxy because it is seen as Nestorian (I think).

Don't know about Guadalupe. Maybe the OCA's Diocese of Mexico would have an opinion?

Anything going back to the 3rd/4th century should be fine unless it was condemned by an ecumenical council, which the one you mentioned (Covadonga) doesn't seem to be. But of course, it depends on whether you're performing it in the way they did back then, or whether subsequent developments are involved.
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