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Mount Athos, a history - commentary
« on: January 18, 2003, 11:31:16 AM »
Thanks, Joe. I take it this article is from the 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia? I never knew that until that time Athos was under nominal Turkish rule! Just assumed it broke away in the 1800s with the rest of Greece. Must have been part of the settlement after Turkey lost WWI. I take it the ‘Servians’ are Serbs.

In the fourteenth century a pseudo-spiritualism akin to that of the ancient Euchites or Messalians, culminating in the famous Hesychast controversies (see HESYCHASM; PALAMAS), greatly disturbed the mutual harmony of Greek monasteries

YOUCH. So Catholics in 1913 (like in 1313?) saw Palamism as a -+-Ç-¦-+-¦-ü-é-î as the Russians say. Rather like the enthusiasm (in the Ronald Knoxian sense) that may have hit Athos and/or other monasteries (in the late 1800s-early 1900s?) that claimed only chanting the Name of Jesus was necessary for prayer and to reach salvation. (Metropolitan Anthony [Khrapovitsky] mentions it in his book on Confession.) Of course, today he has been vindicated. I believe he, a born Orthodox, is on the Melkite Catholic liturgical calendar.

The monks have also an agent at Saloniki and another at Constantinople.

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