Catholics, would you convert to Orthodoxy if the Pope allows for divorce and remarriage?

Yes, I would become Orthodox.
8 (61.5%)
No, I would never become Orthodox.
3 (23.1%)
I don't know what I would do.
2 (15.4%)

Total Members Voted: 13

Author Topic: Covert to Orthodoxy  (Read 12512 times)

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Re: Covert to Orthodoxy
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How come? I mean why wouldn't we all be in communion? ..
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Re: Covert to Orthodoxy
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For the record, I do not think either the Roman Catholic or Orthodox Church are free of abuses in the marriage scenario.

Clearly the system of divorce that the Orthodox Church has today, in it's basic form has existed since the 900;'s
Therefore, if it existed before 1054, and no one in the west demanded it be eliminated it is hard for me to say it anything but catholic.
The west evolved differently and ignored it. I believe the basic view that marriage is indissoluable is true and important, I would prefer that the Orthodox Church copy the Coptic Church in regard to indissolubility of marriage,  but I am not convinced that their current practice is heretical either. However, I believe that the coptic church has a superior practice for marriage than either the Roman Catholic or Orthodox Church. http://www.copticchurch.net/topics/thecopticchurch/sacraments/6_matrimony.html 
  no divorce has been permitted within the Coptic community except in cases of adultery. This is an example of a custom that historically existed in the entire church, it was probably one of the only ways in which divorce was sanctioned by the church consistently over time in the first millenium.

The main concern I would have about the Roman Catholic Church accepting the Orthodox view of divorce is that I do not believe they are doing it. I believe it is a sherade to simply have liberal immoral practices be allowed.

In my considerations of being a member of the Orthodox Church, marriage practices played no role whatsoever in it, nor would they in the future. I personally would prefer that annulments and divorces both be rare and granted less easily than they currently are in either church. I think I see eye to eye with Stanley and Alveus. My considerations of the Orthodox Church involve more consistent traditional teachings on a host of doctrines and dogmas beyond annulments or divorces.

If the Roman Catholic Church truly wanted to emulate Orthodox canon laws and customs, they have many other areas to begin.
They can not be like "cafeteria orthodox" picking and choosing the parts they like and ignoring what they dislike.
It is a package and it comes together. There are legitimate western canonical differences from ebfore 1054, but there has been plenty of relaxations and deviations since 1054 that have created unnecessary dischord and disharmony. These are the things that need to be improved or corrected.
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"and for all who are Orthodox, and who hold the Catholic and Apostolic Faith, remember, O Lord, thy servants" - yet the post-conciliar RC hierarchy is tolerant of everyone and everything... except Catholic Tradition, for modernists are as salt with no taste, to be “thrown out and trampled under foot

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Re: Covert to Orthodoxy
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How come? I mean why wouldn't we all be in communion? ..

Hundreds of years of history to sift through.
I reject all that I wrote that isn't in accordance with the teachings of the Orthodox Church. Also, my posts reflect my opinions (present or former) and nothing else.

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Re: Covert to Orthodoxy
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How come? I mean why wouldn't we all be in communion? ..
Whom and whom?
Not all who wander are lost.