Author Topic: For my friend, Brad, who is considering a change in his ministry work.  (Read 1084 times)

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My friend, Brad, recently resigned as director of a ministry aimed towards university students.  He has been the director for the last ten years and came to the conclusion that he is to move on to other things.  He doesn't know what that is though.  Before taking charge of this campus ministry he was a church pastor for about 10 years.  His wife has a very good job so he is taking the summer to sort a few things out.  One of the big issues is that he is likely leaving the denomination and he is unsure if he can remain protestant-evangelical.  He is both excited and a bit terrified.  I had lunch with him yesterday and he told me that he ordered "Becoming Orthodox" by Fr. Peter Gilquist.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Its not a book that I have ever mentioned or referenced in any of our conversations.  It seems like a good one for Brad to read, as there will be a lot in Fr. Gilquist's story that he can relate to.  Anyway, it seems that a seed has been planted.  Please pray that it comes to fruition.  I am now re-reading "Becoming Orthodox" so that it is fresh in my mind when questions come up.  Please also pray for me that I may adequately represent the faith.  Lord have mercy.

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Definitely praying.
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Lord have mercy.

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Lord, have mercy on Brad, his wife and KBN1.
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Lord, have mercy on Brad, his wife, and KBN1. Grant them guidance and wisdom.