Author Topic: 2017: eminently useful words that should be brought back to enrich our language  (Read 199 times)

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2017 Top 10 from Word Warriors

As part of its initiative to draw attention to some of the English language's most expressive — yet regrettably neglected — words, Wayne State University has released its annual list of the year's top 10 words that deserve to be used more often in conversation and prose...


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 Anfractious, Bombinate, and Guttle are words I don't think I come across at all.   Of them I'm not sure I know the later two words.

Either way,  most of these words ought be used with some discernment. Some words "cost" more to use than others  One can think of words that ought not be used very often such as enormity, awesome, and so forth that are ruined by far to common use.

 Mugwump, stultify, and blithering I don't think are that uncommon are they?
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I like "jaded".
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We could be using "acedia" frequently on this very board, it being one of the Orthodox 8 Bad Thoughts and all but usually replaced by "despondency".  ;)
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