Author Topic: Artist Storm Thorgerson, designer of cover for 'Dark Side of the Moon,' has died  (Read 4972 times)

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Storm Thorgerson, whose artwork included the covers of albums for Pink Floyd and others, has died age 69. He had cancer.

His credits included 'Dark Side of the Moon,' with its legendary image of a prism. He also designed covers for groups including Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel and Muse.

Rest in peace.
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The only cover I liked was his DSOTM.

I liked his minimalism and absence of band logos on the cover.

And I will never understand why the Cranberries commisioned him to do that one cover art, it doesn't fit at all.
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He had many great ones, I liked them all, But the most infamous and greatest for real floyd fans had to be Animals.They flew a real pig balloon for the shot at Battersea power station in england.

God bless his soul.
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