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Romanian man sues priests for failing to exorcise flatulent demons

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Interesting taking into account the premiere of "Beyond the Hills".

--- Quote from: ---With demons allegedly still farting freely in his home, Madalin Ciculescu is  suing the priests who performed his exorcism for religious fraud.

Madalin Ciculescu, an attorney in Romania, hired four local Orthodox priests  to exorcise foul-smelling demons who went around his house turning things on and  off. In his lawsuit Ciculescu argues that they didn’t finish the job...
--- End quote ---

Growing up in the rectory, a priest's kid comes to think he's heard it all... I guess not. :)

This is a joke.

Maybe the man should change his diet...
Just a thought.

Though the article puts it in a humorous light, describing the demons as flatulent, a lot of the stories I have heard and read do indeed describe a sulfurous, foul smell that accompany them.


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