Author Topic: Prophetic evangelism---Treasure hunts?  (Read 1032 times)

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Prophetic evangelism---Treasure hunts?
« on: April 01, 2013, 03:24:27 AM »
Prophetic evangelism
A method employed mainly by charismatic Christians. This is where (as its practitioners believe) God speaks through a Christian to a non-believer to say something that will prompt that person to seek God. On most occasions it is something that the speaker could not have known naturally; for example, someone who is having a secret affair may be told that God knows they are doing wrong and wants them to change their ways.

However, some critics of this approach note that other religions appear to use a similar method to spread their faith.

Treasure hunts
So called treasure hunts are a type of prophetic evangelism.[46] A small group of Christians takes time to pray and listen to revelation from the Holy Spirit about people God wants the group to find. There is a close correlation to personal evangelism. This type of evangelism may be referred to as a game of searching for God's treasures, which are people. The group typically receives revelation, or "clues", consisting of places, clothing, hairstyle, or situations which will help identify the "treasure".

After receiving these revelations, the group goes out and looks for the people identified by the clues. Sometimes they are able to speak God's love and the Gospel of Jesus Christ into somebody's life. On other occasions the group prays for the person's healing or other needs.

The main focus in this type of evangelism is to let people know that they are valuable to God and that God is searching for them as his treasure.

I live in Hong kong. Recently, I find that there is a  trend which many Protestants Christians preach the gospel through Prophetic evangelism(e.g Treasure hunt).

What is your view about this approach to evangelism? Does this approach aligh with the Orthodox tradition?
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Re: Prophetic evangelism---Treasure hunts?
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Is it biblical?
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Re: Prophetic evangelism---Treasure hunts?
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The Bible doesn't condone fun and games, does it?
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Re: Prophetic evangelism---Treasure hunts?
« Reply #3 on: April 01, 2013, 01:23:27 PM »
It is common that the Protestant Christians preach the gosepel with fun and games.

I remember one of the pastors in Hong Kong like to preach the gospel through jokes.
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