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Prominent Arab Convert to Christianity Leaves Catholic Church

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Over Its ‘Weakness’ on Islam

This is sad news. Especially for the Allam himself. I hope he keeps himself in the confines of traditional Christianity and not some frenzy Protestant group.

I wouldn't say the catholic church is "weak". Though I too can get frustrated over the, often very slow, developements in the Middle East, I keep reminding myself that the christian leaders have to be very careful with how they are addressing the threat. As we have seen before, even the smallest mistake can evolve into a disaster. I believe that the catholic church is one of the strongest forces in maintaining at least some christian values in Europe.

First, was St Paul "weak" on the Roman pagans?
Second, if you convert to Catholicism it means you accept many religious tenets like the importance of tradition and apostolic succession. If you believe its doctrines are correct, why leave over how strongly or weakly it opposes heresies?

His fault was the choice of the Catholic Church. I remember that I was very surprised that an Egyptian chose Catholicism and Orthodoxy in spite the fact it's much more connected (by the history, culture, language and so on) with Egypt

I hope he comes back to Christianity, but choose an Orthodox Church (Coptic or Greek, doesn't matter).

It's very sad that he leaves sacramental life only because of the new Pope and some things connected with his election, but on the other hand, it shows what's the kind of weakness of today's Catholic Church: centralization - all depends on just one person - and, in some way, relaxation of some rules: in liturgics and not strong enough attitude toward Islam and other beliefs


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