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Ecumenical Patriarch +Bartholomew to attend Pope Francis' First Mass

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--- Quote from: John Larocque on March 22, 2013, 12:29:43 PM ---Right now, if you are a member of any church with which Rome desires restoration of full communion, they would rather you stay with that church. That includes the Orientals, the Eastern Orthodox and even the Anglicans.
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I don't know if I would put Anglicans in that list. I know that e.g. Cardinal Kaspar said "We are not fishing in the Anglican pond", but even so I'm thinking that it is a bit of an exaggeration to say that Rome would prefer if Anglicans stay Anglican.

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They should have just created an Anglican Church in communion with Rome rather than make them a subset of the Roman Catholic Church. 

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That would have been interesting. :)

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One problem with doing that would be coming up with celibate former Anglican clergy to serve as bishops.  So far the ordinaries of the Anglican ordinariates are all married priests.  They were married bishops when they were Anglican, but Rome's not going to have married bishops any more than Orthodoxy is.

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even less so: we have lots of bishops who have been married.  The Vatican, not so much.


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