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We will have a building

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This isn't "news" in the sense that you will find it via a link or published news source (at least not yet). But neither does it fit into any of the other categories according to their descriptions. It is serious, so it doesn't fit "Other topics"; it's not "Hot/controversial/debate-intended topics dealing with Religion" so it's not Religious Topics. If there's a better place for this announcement, then I'll count on the moderators to move it.

Yesterday we signed off on the conditions of our offer to purchase a building. We have arranged financing, we've had the building inspection, and everything is in place to carry on. It's now just a matter of having our lawyer take care of all the legal matters involved in the transfer of property and we expect to get the keys on March 20!

We have bought a small Roman Catholic church that was once described as an oratory. For most of the last decade it was used by the traditionalists who wanted the Latin Mass. They outgrew the building - three packed services on Sunday. Their diocese gave them a larger building that was underused. What is now our building will be big enough for us for the foreseeable future - though I won't be upset if I'm proved wrong on that!

It needs very little work to be able to accommodate us for services. Just some adjustments to the floor of the altar, and install some light fixtures. That shouldn't take more than a couple of weeks. Of course there is whole list of things that will get done over the next few months and years. We should be holding services there for most of Lent, but especially for Holy Week and Pascha.

The rented quarters where we have been worshipping for the past ~five years have limited our ability to have services that we wanted. They also kept us invisible to the community as we couldn't have a permanent sign out front.

It will be a lot of work - but the kind of work that brings joy!

Glory to God!


Glory to God! We (that is my church) recently purchased our first building as well so I know how you must feel. Though we bought an old Baptist church so it'll require a bit more work than yours it seems. Anyway, congratulations!

Great news! Thanks be to God.



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