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Election of Bulgarian Patriarch Candidates Reaches Stalemate

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Basil 320:
Ok, that makes sense.


--- Quote ---I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't celebrate/attend.
--- End quote ---
Is he incapable of doing so, then?  :'(


--- Quote from: ag_vn on February 16, 2013, 12:21:35 PM ---The three nominated candidates are:
1. Metropolitan Galaction of Stara Zagora
2. Metropolitan Neophyte of Rousse
3. Metropolitan Gabriel of Lovech

The first one is extremely controversial and is definetely considered anaxios by the society, the second one is a compromise candidate, the third one is considered the only worthy member of the Synod by the Bulgarian society.

The election and immediate enthronement of the Bulgarian Patriarch is scheduled for the next Sunday, February 24.

--- End quote ---

Why is Metropolitan Galaction considered unworthy? I can't see a reason for deeming any Bishop unworthy unless he is a heretic, or is actively living a life subject to a serious sin. Or has done something that has administratively hurt his diocese. Of course those would be grounds for removal anyway.

Last year, the Government commission group which is looking at the files of former membership of the Bulgarian Secret Service during the Communist period turned its attention to the religious group (the group is looking at different groups at each time).  It found that 11 out of 15 Metropolitans were former secret agents (along with their agent names) - the sole exceptions were (surprisingly) the late Patriarch and Metropolitans Gabriel, Nikolai and Ambrosii.

As it stands, only Metropolitan Simeon of Western Europe (the gentleman shown about) have expressed apologies for their actions with other Metropolitans' either being silent on the issue or saying that they had no regrets because they had to do it and nothing they did actually hurt anyone.  Metropolitan Galaktion was one of the agents.  I am not sure what he did exactly but am sure someone can find the relevant summary of his agent files somewhere on the internet.

So yeah, he is considered unpopular because of his past. As to what kind of bishop he is, I cannot comment on this matter as I don't have any knowledge. 

You may also be interested to know that Metropolitan Kyril has the dubious honour of being the only ever locum Patriarch not to be chosen as one of the final three.

Basil 320:
On Sunday, February 24th, the Holy Synod of the Holy Orthodox Church of Bulgaria elected and enthroned Metropolitan Neofit of Ruse, the new Patriarch.  He was enthroned at the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sophia. 

"Axios," "Axios," "Axios."  "Many Years" to His Beatitude, Patriarch Neofit.


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