Author Topic: The cross with other religious symbols?  (Read 7858 times)

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Re: The cross with other religious symbols?
« Reply #45 on: February 16, 2013, 01:32:47 PM »
Another is a teenager I met at summer camp, who is really into his Scandinavian heritage (and considers himself a viking!)  He wears his baptismal cross with his mjolnir.  He says that he has no connections to Paganism, but his Greek Church is so Greek that he wants his heritage represented in his faith.

Condsidering that all Scandinavian flags contain a cross, this is silly.
I just need to find out how to say it in Slavonic!

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Re: The cross with other religious symbols?
« Reply #46 on: February 16, 2013, 03:08:12 PM »
What is the point of wearing non-religious or non-Christian symbols?

I know, right?

Antonis, Orthonorm isn't as clever as you think.

From the Orthodox betrothal service:

Lord our God, You journeyed with the servant of the Patriarch Abraham in Mesopotamia when he was sent to obtain a wife for his lord Isaac, and by means of drawing water You revealed that he should betroth Rebecca. Bless the betrothal of Your servants N. and M. and make firm the word that they have spoken. Confirm them with the holy unity that comes from You. For it was You who in the beginning created male and female, and it is by you that woman is linked to man as a helper and for the continuation of the human race. Therefore, Lord our God, who sent truth out to Your inheritance and Your promise to Your servants, our fathers, Your elect in every generation, look on Your servant N. and your servant M., and make firm their betrothal in faith and concord and truth and love.

For it is You, Lord, who declared that a pledge is to be given and made firm in everything. By a ring authority was given to Joseph in Egypt. By a ring Daniel was glorified in the country of Babylon. By a ring the truth of Thamar was revealed. By a ring our heavenly Father showed compassion to the prodigal son. For he said, ‘Put a ring on his hand and bring out and slay the fatted calf, and let us eat and be joyful’.

It was Your right hand, Lord, that armed Moses at the Red Sea, for through Your true word the heavens were made firm and the earth set on its foundations. And the right hand of Your servants will be blessed by Your mighty word and by Your upraised arm. Therefore, Master, with Your heavenly blessing now bless also this putting-on of rings. And may an Angel of the Lord go before them all the days of their lives. For You are the One who blesses and sanctifies all things, and to You we give glory, to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and for ever, and to the ages of ages.
Thanks LBK.  :) I've chanted at about three weddings now, I was just trying to give orthonorm the online validation he craves.  ;)

Really I would prefer that folks like you disagree. Take a note. Again what is most disheartening here is the LBK didn't understand you were being sarcastic thus ironic.

Actually more so, that you both think a circle is a Christian symbol as such.
Please, if you defined "Christian symbols" as such, there would be no Christian symbols.

We all know two beams had been used before Christ to form a cross.
"This is the one from the beginning, who seemed to be new, yet was found to be ancient and always young, being born in the hearts of the saints."
Letter to Diognetus 11.4

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Re: The cross with other religious symbols?
« Reply #47 on: February 16, 2013, 10:45:48 PM »

Here's the thing.  A cross is not a piece of jewelry or a necklace.  It's a symbol of your Faith.  It is an instrument that defeated death.  It is more than mere decoration or a symbolism representing your "christianity".

Therefore, in my opinion, wearing anything alongside the cross (same chain) is wrong.  Nothing is "equal" or compares to it.

If you wish to wear nationalistic jewelry (ie. Ukrainians wear the trizub - trident), I would wear it on a separate chain, hanging lower than the Cross.

I agree.   

To wear things around your neck along with a cross gives equality to them in ways.   The cross is a symbol of faith, along with a reminder to people of their faith.

Also the conflict of interest.   Consider as the symbol of faith, our god said "I am the way, I am the truth, I am the life, no one comes to the father but by me".... Then next to the cross is an ankh.  Sort of makes it seem like a person isn't really serious about their faith.

Orthodox crosses are also often blessed, and this would seem like a huge conflict to an Orthodox Christian to wear something blessed to something that theologically is not Christian.
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Re: The cross with other religious symbols?
« Reply #48 on: February 18, 2013, 02:45:44 AM »
Personally, I wouldn't wear a mjolnir. We haven't worshipped the old gods in nearly a thousand years. Today, it is either used as fashion or among neopagans as a sign of devotion to Thor. Maybe he could wear a runic symbol or something.

Or that you are a really big comic book geek.
None of the depictions of Mjolnir within the comics really resemble the ones used in necklaces though. 616 is probably closer than that weird non-enchanted axe thing from the Ultimate Universe, but still, the handle is much narrower, the head is shaped differently, and the inscription is completely different.
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