Author Topic: Why Priests? A failed tradition  (Read 814 times)

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Why Priests? A failed tradition
« on: February 14, 2013, 03:49:08 PM »
Okay, technically this is not an Orthodox book, but since I saw the interview on The Colbert Report I got intrigued by it.  Because some of the claims by the writer I can quicky respond to with what basic understanding of the priesthood and the Sacraments I have learned in my journey to Orthodoxy.

Would you guys think of reading this book?  I'm interested not as a polemic against Roman Catholics, but I want to understand what the perception is and why the clerical state in the Roman Catholic Church has been on the decline since the Reformation (and possibly before that).  I know that there are some claims that are wrong and proven by tradition, but the author probably simply did not research that well, or that Roman Catholicism simply did not emphasize on those points.  This could be a good mirror for us to just reflect on and learn from the mistake of others that we don't fall into the same errors.  I'm guessing a lot of this also would be more of popular perceptions rather than actual Church teaching from both East and West regarding the priesthood.  I guess my interest is also piqued because some of the podcasts I listened to on ACF has emphasized on anti-clericalism which is being problematic in the Roman Catholic Church since the Reformation and it is something that a number of Orthodox Christians seem to be loudly fighting against within the Orthodox Church.