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Re: Hello Zdravo
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Lesson 1: Don't get involved in Balkan politics.
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Re: Hello Zdravo
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I'm very sorry if I have offended you, but if you read the post you are quoting from again, you will surely see that I wasn't talking about the macedonian church, which I do not see as the legitimate church of Macedonia, but rather about the macedonian nation and the dispute about it's name.
"Macedonian" nation, language, church... is communistic creation after World War II.
Like Norway is Norway. It can not be Sweden or Denmark.
The same way FYROM is whatever they want but can not be Greece, Macedonia, Serbia or Bulgaria.
But the province of Macedonia is not an independent nation like Denmark or Sweden. Besides, on the historical map, I have seen, the ancient kingdom of Macedonia was partly situated in what is modern FYROM/Macedonia.
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Re: Hello Zdravo
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Locking it permanently unless people higher than me decide otherwise. That "discussion" can be continued here.
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