Author Topic: English version of the bible and how to make sure its not altered ?  (Read 513 times)

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In the name of our beloved lord Jesus Christ .

Good evening fellow brethren.

My question is . for those who read the English version of the bible . Which is the truth to the orthodox teachings
And how and Who makes sure that passages are not altered and then reprinted .

Do the EO or the OO councils monitor and review these books ?? If not I think it begs the question why not .


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Re: English version of the bible and how to make sure its not altered ?
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The King James Version (KJV) seems basically accepted. A little English prayer book (c. 1944 imprimatur: Metr. Antony Bashir, Syrian Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of N.Y. & all of N.A.) makes standard references to the KJV for which penitential Psalms tp read (Western vs. LXX) for preparation for communion. The New King James Bible translation was used for the Orthodox Study Bible. I think also the Revised Standard Version (now unavailable) is considered worthy since there was an ecumenical "Common Bible" issued that included the "aporcypha" in 1973 that was endorsed by late Archbishop Iakavos of the GOC. I also think the 17th c. Catholic Douay Rheims translation is favorably received.
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