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The Pope to resign?!?! / Pope Benedict XVI resigns / Pope set to resign on Feb. 28th

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Sometimes I think stuff gets blown up a lot.

The man is old, he thinks its time to step down.  I know its a big deal, but I think that's reasonable.   Perhaps he is feeling his age more now than when he first became Pope.... And as everybody knows, I am no cheerleader for the Pope at all. 

I'm hoping for Burke. If Burke or Ranjith get it, I'll become Catholic.

  Thread is locked for a week while I/we figure out some moderation issues going on with this thread.  Until then, get yourselves ready for Lent. 

The thread is reopened. If you want to discuss his resignation, you can do it here (remember there is a separate thread for conclave). Do not also forget about the rules (especially the one about addressing clergy with proper titles).

Monk Vasyl:
Has anyone seen the movie, "Habemus Papam"? 


Final Scene [Italian with English subtitles]:


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