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Damaging Christian Symbols in Ras Al-Ayn, Syria – Exclusive


Damaging Christian Symbols in Ras Al-Ayn, Syria – Exclusive

Am I the only one who cringes reading "exclusive"?

I am always saddened when this sort of thing happens.  As bad as it is, at least the people doing this are open, honest and direct (not an excuse or justification).  In America, ... (so hard not to complete this thought, but it is political in nature)

Syria used until recent times to be a safe place to visit, and populated by a wide variety of religious groups living side by side. Now internecine warfare and the steady elbowing out of this or that minority. One of the very few things I agree with the Russian Federation's foreign ministry is that what we are witnessing there is a struggle between Sunni and Shia Islam.

And among those who appear blind to this and meddle are the Western powers, who support those who at some time in the future will turn on those same powers. Meantime to be a Christian there is truly a cross to bear.


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